Home Security Protection for Seniors

Home Security for seniorsHelp for Living AloneHome Security is much more complicated than just locking your doors at night before you go to bed. Unfortunately when society should be taking care of their elderly there is an element of society that preys on them. This is why it is so important to take the extra precautions when you get older so you can avoid becoming a victim. The best way for home protection is to have a security system installed and know how to use it. A home security system can easily provide help in the event of an emergency. When you integrate a medical pendant with your alarm system help is as easy as the push of a button.Easy to Use Home Security SystemMany seniors have never become acquainted with technology and they may become overwhelmed with using new technologies such as an alarm system. This is why it is extremely important for a security consultant to learn about the customer before ever recommending what type of security system that should be installed. After all if a home security system owner never arms their system then it is a waste of money and provides no additional protection.Types of Security SystemsThe easiest type of home security system for a senior to learn is one that uses a color touch screen. The Lynx 5100 by Honeywell is one of these types of systems. The system is also a wireless system so the installation time is drastically reduced. The Lynx 5100 also has a table top accessory making it very easy to use. This system also offers a Keyfob so that you do not have to remember any codes to arm and disarm your system.Living in an Adult CommunityAdult Living communities make it easy for seniors to enjoy an active social life but it also adds a target to everyone that lives there. Criminals look at these communities as easy targets. A security system can keep your home safe while you enjoy the activities of an active adult community.Remote control of your Security SystemAs we get older we look forward to having more time and money to enjoy things such as more travel. If you are a frequent traveler then the Lynx 5100 Touch is a great system when you incorporate services such as Total Connect and you utilize the Cell or WiFi technology that is available. With the Total Connect Services you have the ability to completely control your Home Alarm System from anywhere in the world. There are free apps for your smart phone that allow you to do all of the following:
View the status of your alarm system
Arm or Disarm your alarm system
View live video of your home
Home Automation for your Alarm SystemSecurity systems are not just about home protection any more. Today’s alarm system can be used to integrate complete home automation. Just look at what your Lynx 5100 could do:
Control your lights
Control your thermostat
Lock and unlock your front door
Apartment and Condo LivingMany people think that they cannot have an alarm system because they live in a rental unit such as an apartment or condo. In the past this was true. As alarm installers we were not allowed to penetrate the walls tom run the wires where we needed to. Th8is is not the case anymore. We can install a Lynx 5100 system and not drill or cut a hole anywhere. The Lynx 511 touch panel has a handy desk top mount so we can mount all of your wireless devices and the control panel without uses any screws at all. This also provides the ability to move the alarm system with you.Integrating an alarm system with home automation can provide seniors with the extra safety that they deserve and the emergency medical response that they may need.

Why Security Adds Value to Your Home

The FBI estimates about 8.9 property crimes were committed in the US last year, a decline of almost one percent from 2011. Even with this decline, these crimes cost property owners $15.5 billion. It’s hardly surprising that one in eight homeowners today invest in security systems to protect their property and the people inside. The number of new home security systems went up by 40% in just five years.Home security systems not only alert police of an intrusion but may also deter any intrusion at all. In late 2012, the University of North Carolina released a study of interviews with 442 male and female offenders serving time for burglary. Eighty-three percent said they considered security systems when deciding on a break-in and fully half admitted that visible security systems deterred them. Sixteen percent considered themselves skilled enough to try to disable the system, but we should take into account that they were, after all, still caught!There are plenty of other ways to deter crime, such as keeping property well-lit at night, securing doors and windows, and making the home look occupied by halting mail and newspaper delivery when out-of-town. But these steps won’t help if someone does break in. Only an effective security system will literally sound the alarm.Adding an Alarm Systems Increases Home ValueMost experts believe that installing a home security system will increase a home’s value and are an item prospective buyers look for. Realestate.com strongly recommends that homeowners who are preparing to sell to get one professionally installed if they don’t already have one in place. Security cameras are another upgrade that buyers appreciate, as well as sensor-operated security lights.A security system can slow drops in home values that occur because of factors a homeowner can’t control, including the recent real estate bubble burst, inflation, and other economic conditions.Talk to your neighbors about how they address their home security. A 2009 study by Rutgers University found that burglaries dropped in Newark, N.J.-a city with a stubbornly high crime rate-in neighborhoods where more homes began registering burglar alarms with the police department. If more neighbors install home security, word gets out that it’s not an area worth scouting for burglarizing.A Basic Systems Provides More Features Than You Might ExpectA basic alarm system is not just a siren wired to a door or window. It will include a few other features:

A control panel that has all the wiring and a backup battery that kicks in if there is an electrical outage.

A keypad to arm and disarm the system with a password; it can also be used to contact 911 through a disguised password.

A siren that goes off when triggered by inside motion, or when a door or window is opened.

Inside motion detector(s)

Door and window contact.

Central monitoring by a 24-hour service that will first attempt to contact the telephone on file; if contact isn’t made, police, fire, and/or ambulance are alerted.

Cellular backup in the event phone lines are out.
Additional home security services can include:

Panic button remotes

Pressure mats placed under rugs to detect footsteps

Broken glass detectors

Wired screens that set off alarm if cut or removed

Wired smoke and fire detectors

Heat detectors, or smart thermostats

Sprinkler systems

Medical alerts

Carbon monoxide detector
Insurance Companies Offer Home Security DiscountsInsurance companies love customers who install security devices and systems. At the very least, they will discount five percent for a burglar alarm and up to 20% for a security system, or a combined fire/burglar alarm. Contact your insurance company to get specific details for your policy.